Friday, March 18, 2011

What a huge cake

Yes It is really a huge cake.Infact record breaker cake.It is biggest cake in singapore .I coudnot take picture from one end to another. wow wow!!!!!
And i m very happy to be part of that cake making and designing team
on one side there r english letters and on another side there r arabic letters.In the middele of both letters it is number 100.Yes, it is the age of the person for whom we made this huuuuuuuuuuggee cake.
tried to take picture of whole cake.

It is really a huge cake.It weighted 250 kg.Yes it is.And dimension of the cake is 6.1m x 1.6m x 0.08m.

I m very happy to make some of this english letters and some of arabic letters.we made it from rolled fondant.

Here r arabic letters.

what a pretty work !!!!!!!!!

process of making letters.


Hussena said...
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Hussena said...

this is a beautiful cake truly fit for a king.

Divya Deepak said...

U deserve every bit of it......& this goes especially for ur quilling:-)

Khusboo said...

wt a huge...very nice...

Helen said...

My! what a cake! How did you transferred the cake?

Anonymous said...

Salams Sis,
My cuz was interested upon seeing your cake as she is looking to order a birthday cake for her mother with arabic lettering. Do you take orders? She just wants to oder a normal size cake with arabic lettering. Perhaps can you email me at so we can communicate further on this. Hope to hear from you.
Thank You, Rehana